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Reviews of “A Bold Peace”:

A Bold Peace is one of the most enlightening films of our times.” – Leon Stuparich, The Huffington Post

A Bold Peace should be given every possible means of support and promotion.” – David Swanson, Author of War Is a Lie

A Bold Peace captures the spirit of my Father and the soul of my country.” – Christiana Figueres (former UN Climate Chief)

“This is a story that every American with a political pulse should know.” – Veterans for Peace, Spokane, Washington

A Bold Peace awards                                          “Costa Rica is now nearly seven decades into what may be the most extraordinary experiment a sovereign nation has ever undertaken. A Bold Peace tells the story of Costa Rica’s risky, extraordinary journey of living without a military — of transcending war and remaining (for 68 years and counting) an example of the future that is possible for the whole planet… Part of the film’s impact is the clarity with which it explains, through numerous interviews, the complexity of Costa Rica’s peace journey and the courage required over the decades to sustain it… Yes, there is another way for the world to live. By the film’s end, this way emerges not simply as possible, not simply as a curiosity, but as the model for the future. It’s time for the rest of the world to join Costa Rica on its journey.” – Robert Koehler (Huffington Post. Koehler’s review was reposted on over 15 websites including Common Dreams,, and Counterpunch)

“Costa Rica’s Peace Journey,” Huffington Post, February 23, 2017. Robert Koehler

“Inspiring Films That Will Blow Your Heart and Mind,” Huffington Post, September 22, 2016. Leon Stuparich.

“This film is very timely, and something that would be very interesting to many people. There’s a lot of confusion in our world right now, and `A Bold Peace’ offers a unique perspective. The film really shows that there is another way. I think it will be eye opening for people who think that we need to bolster the military in order to stand our ground, whereas Costa Rica has shown that the military is not always the answer.” – Erika Floriani, Director of Oldcastle Theatre Company in The Bennington Banner (Vermont), May 3, 2017

This film was funded by the Peace Research Grant Program of the International Peace Research Association Foundation, and grants from the Jubitz Family Foundation and the Jane Addams Peace Association, among many other contributors.