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02/06/13 -
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We are thrilled with the progress of “A Bold Peace.” We just finished the long-version of the trailer and will begin cutting the film soon. This collaborative film project grew out of Matthew Eddy’s comparative doctoral research where he observed, among other things, that Costa Rican youth express strong commitments to nonviolence, much stronger than college students in the U.S. For Costa Ricans, this is an extraordinary achievement. Youth in this small Central American country have grown up with all of the benefits of a social democracy. They have seen the surrounding countries stormed with violence in the Cold War, often fomented by U.S. and USSR ambitions. And yet, still they remain overwhelmingly resolved to protect their social democracy and their constitutional ban on a military. Today, Americans spend over $800 billion annually on a massive military system, with bases in over 100 countries. We do this while gutting our schools and our social safety net for children, the elderly, and the sick. Will we in the U.S. take a hard look at this military industrial complex and its role in shortchanging our children’s future? We can do better. We hope you enjoy our teaser for the film and share with others.


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  1. Franciso Cordero Gené

    I salute the first results, and hope that soon we will see the movie take up the anti-military movements in the US and lead the world’s youth to hope that civilization will put an end to violent conflict as a supposedly legitimate policy. Armies (private and public) should be outlawed to begin with!

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