Progress Update – March 2014

03/01/13 -
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We are working hard on editing the film and plan to approach completion in a few months. We continue to need, and fortunately to attract, some additional sponsors! Thanks for your support.

Progress Update – March 2013

Last week we were excited to interview Arun Gandhi, Gandhi’s grandson, for inclusion in our film. Arun grew up in South Africa but lived with Mahatma Gandhi in India for two years as a young man. Arun, an inspirational voice on nonviolence today, conveyed numerous insights about nonviolence and U.S. militarism, as well as appreciation for the Costa Rican example.


One thought on “Progress Update – March 2014

  1. Dianne Brause

    What an exciting project. I was first in Costa Rica (on my Peace Corps vacation from the Dominican Republic) in 1968 and later led “ecotourism” trips there in the 80’s. We would stop to visit Robert Muller at the UN University for Peace and stay at Tico-owned intentional communities. What a wonderful country and what loving people. Clearly, having no military had a major impact on the country. Thank you for making this film. Hopefully, many will see it and take heed.
    In Peace, Dianne Brause

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